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Are you suffering with health issues or just want to maintain good health? Trying complementary / holistic health therapies are more and more the way to go with great results. So if you're feeling stressed, have muscle aches and pains or have other health issues please do contact me and see how I can help through the different types of treatments I offer like Foot, Face, Oncology, Children's, Infertility & Maternity Reflexology, Indian Head, Therapeutic & Maternity Massage, Ayurveda Kanza Foot and Leg treatment, Reiki, Pediflex, Touch Therapy and LED Light Therapy.


Children's Reflexology now available for under 16 yr olds.

You have nothing to lose only the problem.  


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Catherine Breen

I am a Complementary Health Therapist for over 26 years specializing in many types of Reflexology and Massage. After developing a back problem many years ago I found Reflexology was the only therapy that brought relief to the pain I was experiencing.

With such a belief in its benefits I started my Reflexology training in 1996 and over the following years trained in Beauty, Body, Ayurveda, Oncology, Infertility, Pregnancy and Reiki treatments. Face Reflexology is very new to Ireland but has been practiced in eastern countries for many years.   

I'm from Wexford and work from a therapy room in my home in Pinewood Estate, Clonard Wexford town..

I also have the honor of working 2 days a week in The Hope Cancer Support Center in Enniscorthy where I provide Reflexology for clients going through cancer treatment and their supporters. 

Over the years of practicing these therapies I found Complementary/Holistic Health is my passion so decided to concentrate in this area. My aim is to help clients in a holistic manner to help bring balance to body, mind and soul.

In my spare time I find my own therapy is in my garden, exercising and spending time with family and friends.

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Kanza Vatki foot and leg treatment
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Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy originating in the eastern world over 4000 yrs ago.. It helps bring balance to the body and mind and some say your soul.

You can choose face or feet Reflexology - both have same benefits. Helps with ailments like digestive and sleep problems, depression, stress, anxiety, PMT, menopause and many other health issues. 

 1 hr - €55

Infertility Reflexology can be very beneficial for those experiencing fertility problems. It can help hormone imbalance, regulate the menstrual cycle and relieves the anxiety infertility brings.

Also ideal to help with menopause problems.

45 mins €50

Children's Reflexology.

Children's Reflexology is becoming more and more popular. Reflexology helps them with anxiety, tummy aches and pains, sleep and hormonal problems. 

40 mins


Cancer Care Reflexology which is a much lighter treatment. This helps with the anxiety and stress a diagnosis can bring. The feedback I get from clients include how much better they are able cope with their diagnosis, pain, sleep better, nausea and have improved energy levels. Each session is adapted to the individuals needs.

45 mins €50

 Therapeutic Massage  is ideal to work out muscle problems. Ideal for back neck and  shoulder problems. Also recommended if your feeling stressed or anxious. 

Back neck & shoulder €35

Full body  (1 hr) €55

Ultimate Back Massage

Is a massage of the back, arms, neck and scalp. Also included is a ten minute massage using a tapotement machine to help loosen out  deeper muscle strain.

1hr €55 

Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot & Leg treatment is highly recommended if you are experiencing leg or foot problems. This massage takes approx 45 mins using a bowl consisting of 3 metals -tin, zinc and copper which is believed in Indian medicine brings many benefits.

40 mins €50

Indian Head Massage is a 'sit down' treatment where I work the muscles and acupressure points on the upper back, neck, scalp and face leaving you feeling relaxed and with a good sense of well being. Ideal for health problems from headaches, neck stiffness, stress, sinuses, insomnia and many other.

30 mins - €35

Pregnancy Massage is safe to receive after your first trimester to help with lower back pain, fluid retention, anxiety, sleep problems and for a general sense of well being.

Back Neck & Shoulder €35

Full Body (1hr) €55

Frangipani Massage: A truly relaxing massage using Frangipani flower oil leaving you with feeling harmonized and with restful inner peace.

Full Body 1 hr €55

Back - 30 mins - €35

Face Gua Sha is a natural, highly relaxing Chinese medicine facial treatment using rose quartz tools to improve your facial circulation. Ideal for fluid retention, fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin looking younger, brighter, smoother and gives a natural lift to you face. This  can combined with the Face Reflexology to get a more beneficial treatment. Note this treatment is not a typical facial as no exfoliation or mask is used.

1 hr €55

LED Light Therapy

When used regularly, LED light therapy can be used to reduce breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea symptoms, psoriasis, and helps with aging and general appearance of the skin. The benefits go well beneath the skin's surface, in fact LED  light treatments have been applauded for their mental health benefits too by lifting your mood/spirits and helps reduce stress.

30 mins - €35

How Do LED face masks work : 

LED face masks use proton energy in order to regenerate cells, reduce inflammation, heal wounds, reduce acne, increase skin rejuvenation and scatter melanocyte. It is anti-aging and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. 


Reiki is a Japanese natural healing therapy. The term comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal, and "ki" which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Helps with many health issues from stress to digestive problems and strengthens you feeling of wellbeing.

You are fully clothed for this treatment and takes about 1 hour. €55


A standard pedicure with 15mins of Reflexology instead of massage. (Can do massage if preferred.)

Exfoliation, cuticle work, nails shaped and filed, Reflexology/massage and nail paint.

1hr €55


Pedicure & Full Reflexology.

A standard pedicure and full Reflexology treatment.

Enjoy 1.5hrs of foot bliss.



Cancer Care/Oncology -Touch Therapy.

 Is for anyone been given a diagnosis or going through treatment for cancer. It is very beneficial for the stress and anxiety this brings, helps with sleep problems, energy levels and hearing feedback from clients these treatments help you to cope  betterwith a diagnosis. Both treatments are very light and each takes about 45 mins. 

Written Doctor/Consultant permission is a must if you are having Chemo or Radiotherapy treatments.

Lindi Skin Care Range are products carefully researched and are clinically tested to ensure that only safe ingredients are been used on compromised skin. These formulas are designed to deliver a gentle and luxuriously therapeutic experience, improving the quality of life for clients. 

Calm & Soothe  facial is an express facial which will calm and soothe irritated, dry or itching skin using the healing properties of Lavender.

           30 mins €40

Rejuvenate : Using gentle advanced botanically based formulations this facial can be tailored to suit specific skin conditions. It will intensely hydrate and moisturize skin after the drastic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

         45/50 mins €55

Body treatments/Touch Therapy

Soothing scalp: For those experiencing an itchy or sore scalp, this treatment will help soothe the skin and discomfort using Manuka honey melt, which  also promotes hair growth.

          30 mins €40

Treat for the hands & feet:   Using the gentle Body Wash, Lotion and Soothing Balm lay back and enjoy a relaxing massage of the feet and hands to help with extra dry chapped skin

            30 mins €40

Cool & Soothe: An ideal choice to take time away to relax fully with a facial, scalp and gentle body massage using our luxurious scalp face and body balms.

            €75 (1.5 hrs) 

These treatments can be combined with Reflexology to make up a package. Ideal as a present for someone with extreme dry chapped skin and are very safe.

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